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    Iron Man #149 (August 1981)
    Art by John Romita Jr. & Bob Layton
    Words by David Michilinie 


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  4. You want what you turned off turned on
    You call it sunset, now it’s dawn
    You can’t go ‘round just saying stuff
    Because it’s pretty
    And I no longer drink enough
    To think you’re witty

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  6. i found another of nabakov’s butterflies

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  8. Interview May 2011

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    MARC BY MARC JACOBS Black Silk Organza Ansastasia Dress

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    Cashmere pocket squares from Macaroni Tomato Autumn/Winter collection. Can’t wait to get at least one./ Kaszmirowe poszetki z kolekcji Jesień/ Zima Macaroniego Tomato. Nie mogę się doczekać kupna przynajmniej jednej z nich.

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